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Black Mountain Ranch is located high in the Rockies halfway between Vail and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Arriving on Sunday afternoon, your week long package includes lodging, all meals, unlimited horseback riding, an overnight pack trip, a longhorn cattle drive, whitewater rafting, fly and spin fishing, rifle and trap shooting, riding lessons, line dancing, leather working, dinner ride at Jake’s Lake, wine glass etching, live music and mid-June through mid-August, a trip to the local rodeo. There are no hidden or extra fees for any of our activities. We own all our horses and take pride in finding the right horse for each rider- whether it is a gentle seasoned mount for the novice or a more spirited ranch horse for the experienced rider. And yes, we let you lope!

Sunday to Saturday 6 Night Stays

We offer Studio Suites and Private Cabin's for families and adult only vacations.  Details listed below:  

Studio Suite Rates

Studio Suite Rate Options Include...

Regular Season Rates:

  • $3,050 / PP Double Occupancy
  • $3,250 / PP Single Occupancy
  • $2,350 / Per Child Under 14

Adult Only Season Rates:

  • $3,050 / PP Double Occupancy
  • $3,250 / PP Single Occupancy

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Add to this price a 3.9% Tax & 18% Service
Charge which includes gratuity

Private Cabin Rates

Private Cabin Options Include...

Regular Season Rates:

  • $3,250 / PP Double Occupancy
  • $2,550 / Per Child Under 14

Adult Only Season Rates:

  • Private Cabin Lock Off Units: Golden Eagle Cabin, Columbine Cabin, Colorado Cabin, Rock Creek Cabin
  • $3,150 / PP Double Occupancy
  • $3,350 / PP Single Occupancy

  • Private Cabin Units: Elk Park Cabin, Longhorn Cabin, Aspen Cabin, Spruce Cabin
  • $3,250 / PP, 2 Person Minimum

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Add to this price a 3.9% Tax & 18% Service
Charge which includes gratuity

Sunday - Saturday
Family Weeks

    June 11th - June 17th
    June 18th - June 24th
    June 25th - July 1st
    July 2nd - July 8th
    July 9th - July 15th
    July 16th - July 22nd
    July 23rd - July 29th
    July 30th - August 5th
    August 6th - August 12th
    August 13th - August 19th

    Family Weeks

      June 12th - June 18th
      June 19th - June 25th
      June 26th - July 2nd
      July 3rd - June 9th
      July 10th - July 16th
      July 17th - July 23rd
      July 24th - July 30th
      July 31st - August 6th
      August 7th - August 13th
      August 14th - August 20th

      All 2022 Dates Have Been Filled.

      Sunday - Saturday
      Adult Only Weeks

      May 21st - May 27th
      May 28th - June 3rd
      June 4th - June 10th
      August 20th - August 26th
      August 27th - September 2nd
      September 3rd - September 9th

      Adult Only Weeks

      May 22nd - May 28th
      May 29th - June 4th
      June 5th - June 11th
      August 21st - August 27th
      August 28th - September 3rd
      September 4th - September 10th

      All 2022 Dates Have Been Filled.

      The Ultimate Dude Ranch Vacation

      A weeklong vacation at Black Mountain Dude Ranch is all-inclusive. Your rate includes all of our delicious chef-inspired dining, lodging, and all activities: unlimited horseback riding, fly fishing, trap and skeet shooting, equipment, tack and entertainment as well as instruction and coaching for anything you are not comfortable with. Want to try something out? We will help you every step of the way. Once you arrive, your wallet stays in your pocket and we make sure that everything is taken care of for you (The only thing not included in your stay is the bar tab you can keep at the Saloon or any mementos you purchase at the trading post. The only decisions you have to make are whether or not to wipe the dust off your boots before dinner.

      Vacation Activities

      Horseback Riding


      Diner Ride

      Wine Glass Etching

      Trap & Skeet Shooting

      Overnight Pack Trip

      Live Music

      Trip to the Rodeo

      Fly Fishing

      White Water Rafting

      Line Dancing

      Riding Lessons

      Cattle Drive

      Leather Working

      The schedule is completely flexible to cater to each family and guest. Want to go out for another trail ride? Let us saddle 'em up and guide you up the mountain. Being located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado means our sights are breathtaking, the air is crisp, and the food is always delicious.

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