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If you are interested in working at Black Mountain Ranch you can review our open job descriptions below by expanding on each position to learn more.  If you are ready to apply please do so by completing the applicatoin on this page.  Once submitted we'll follow up with you!



Help maintain a herd of around a hundred horses. Lead trail rides and cattle drives. Go on the overnight pack trip, help guests with fly fishing and trap shooting. In the evenings we encourage our staff to mingle with our guests in the saloon, help with line and swing dancing as well as tending bar. Help with dishes. Help out with kids when needed. Participate with trail crew and ranch maintenance, we can always use someone handy with a chain saw. We try for a well-balanced crew and realize that not everyone can lead line dancing or handle a chain saw, we try to play to your individual strengths. At BMR you can expect to eat in the dining room with our guests, have a private room, earn a decent salary with bonus plus cash tips from our guests. Mid-May through mid-September.

Provide daily housekeeping, keep up with the laundry, help in the dining room, serve on the buffet line and also as a table server for our diners (employees and staff) in the lodge. Duties will rotate daily or weekly depending on what’s going on at the ranch. When you work split shifts and on your days off you will be welcome to participate in ranch activities such as horseback riding, trap shooting, fishing, hiking and the occasional overnight pack trip. You will have a private room, earn a decent salary plus a bonus every pay period as we charge an 18% service charge. Mid-May through mid-September.

If you ever wanted to get into the ins and outs of running a dude ranch or a small resort, this job is for you. The duties include organizing weekly spreadsheets for the kitchen and wrangling staff regarding the new guests checking in, book keeping and guest checkouts. We run tabs in our saloon and trading post, these need to be tabulated daily and then presented to the guests before they check out at the end of the week. Write a weekly blog. Answer the telephone and help with guest bookings. Help keep the website up to date. Organize a weekly slide show with the guest photos. On rollover day expect to help out the housekeepers roll the cabins over for the new guests. You need to be a self-starter; you will not be micromanaged. We provide a private room, all meals (you eat what the guests eat), salary and bonus. Mid-May through mid-September.


Employment Application

If you would like to apply for a positoin at Black Mountain Ranch please complete and submit the following online employment application.  Feel free to include a photo and video to introduce yourself!


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All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service

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