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August?! How did that happen??

August?! How did that happen??

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Margaritas and Puppies


How wild is it that it’s August 1stalready?  Insane. Pretty soon it’ll be September and we’re that much closer to closing day. This summer has flown by for us; always ready and looking towards the next week of guests while living in the moment and basking in the individuality that each week brings us!  

We had 27 guests this week and we’re moving onto the biggest week we’ve had so far this summer at 33! This week was equal parts calming to wild - apparently (and I’m sad I missed it) Kari from one of our families knows every single move to Thriller and she showed off those moves in the saloon one evening to be talked about and enjoyed well into the next day. Alicia, Amy G’s cousin, came to visit on Thursday night and sang for us with Alan and the band, she also riled everyone up for some line dancing and we all enjoyed the music and roping. 


Our guest Laura is blaming me for margaritas and because she ended up buying a corgi puppy from the farm down the road! Not my fault. Paul made his magic margaritas and puppies speak for themselves! I just pointed her in the right direction was all hahah the cuteness of the corgis themselves did her in. 

She’s gonna name her puppy Noriee, in honor of black mountain, Noire meaning black in French, although I am uncertain about her spelling of the name. Katlyn, who works in the kitchen, owns the pups that her and her mom are selling and she even got me to get one! He’s an adorable merle corgi that Christian and I named Moose. They’re four weeks old and we’re all excited for them to get old enough for us to take home. Bella, the momma corgi, had 9 puppies and there are only two males left to go to good homes, so we’re all pretty happy about that. Maybe another guest will get suckered into happiness and cuteness for the next 12 to 15 years! 

Going back to Paul’s margaritas; my goodness. Paul, our sous chef, and I had been talking about having an evening where he makes margaritas, cause he makes delicious margs! And last week we decided on Friday night, so true to his word Paul made up some giant margaritas! I was running late cause I had to run to town to get some last minute gifts for our employee cowboy Christmas we’re doing tomorrow but when I made it back to the ranch, Cyndy and Paul were one margarita in and happy to see us! This small porch gathering turned into almost all the female guests plus Paul and Christian just laughing and drinking into the night. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile and it was perfect weather. We all got up this morning wondering who might sleep in but somehow I feel fine hahah

We have Pam and Vicky here with us this week and it feels so good to see them! Vicky is always a good drinking buddy and a fantastic rider, her mom is such a free spirit and joy to talk to that we look forward to there visit! Last year her mom, myself, Vicky, and Joanna from Australia burned an old trinket of mine from a past relationship and it bonded us in a funny way that none of us have forgotten. Vicky and I sent photos to Joanna this week.  Wish you were here Joanna! And thank you to Pam for always smiling, dancing, and being a supportive force, and to Vicky for always being a good friend and an honor to know.

This week I knew we had to Carys. A Kari and a Cary. I knew this. But I didn’t expect to meet them at the same time, so it threw me for a loop when a gentleman came up and said “Hi, I’m Cary.” followed by me introducing myself to the lady next to him saying “Nice to meet you, Amber. Im Kari.” - that’s when I knew this week would be interesting. From the thriller to goats escaping and joining us for live music to Borat references and tossing pinecones in the woods, I think we all managed to find our people and enjoy a great week at the ranch. 


And if you’re heading out to visit us soon, watch out for Paul’s margaritas! They’ll get you. 

Until next week, enjoy yourselves wherever you are. Be present and be kind.


All my best,

Amber IZ



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